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ADNet Board Member Appointed Anabaptist Disabilities Network (ADNet) announces the appointment of Vyron L. Schmidt of Goshen, Indiana, to the ADNet Board of Directors....
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Introducing the Every Resource Project

"That information is on the web." How many times have you heard that said? How often have you felt sure that's it's true, but still spent precious time in a frustrated search for the site you are looking for?

The Every Resource Project (ERP) will effectively end that frustration for Mennonite-related websites. The vision is simple: three clicks from your congregational website to any Mennonite resource on the Internet. Each congregation will have a "Resources" tab on their website that will be maintained by Mennonite.net or an appropriate agency or organization. That's click number one. Under the Resources tab will be sections relating to different aspects of church life.

Click number two takes you to one of these general areas such as Worship, Stewardship, or News, which in turn will list links to Mennonite-related websites and resources.

"The Every Resource Project will be a great help to anyone looking for web resources with a Mennonite touch," says Paul Leichty, Mennonite.net's Director of User Services. "As a busy church worker myself, I know the value being able to quickly and easily find resources that fit my congregation. I'm convinced that ERP will be a tremendously valuable tool for the church."

ERP is still in the vision stage, but could be implemented quickly, if the appropriate time and money are allocated. "This is where we can collaborate with each other across the church," explains Michael Sherer, Mennonite.net's Executive Directory. "If a few individuals, families, small groups, or Sunday school classes from every church would even give $25 apiece, the project could be rapidly brought online and easily maintained in the future."

Interested persons and groups can support ERP as well as other Mennonite.net projects in support of the missional church in a variety of ways.

1. Ask your congregation or church-related organization to become a Supporting Member of Mennonite.net for $250 per year.
2. Sign up for the @mennonite.net Internet service. At just $19.95 a month, you'll likely pay a lower monthly fee for a service you already use, have an email address which promotes your Mennonite identity, and support the work of the church rather than some big corporation with the profits.
3. As an alternative to #2, contribute $60 per year and become a Personal Supporter.
4. Give any sized contribution that you wish. Since Mennonite.net is a not-for-profit corporation, all contributions are tax deductible according to IRS guidelines.

The Every Resource Project is an early stage project that can make a difference for Mennonite computer users in a missional church. However, according to Sherer, it is just the tip of the iceberg as far as forthcoming tools. "The more support we get, the more useful tools we can make available to both the Mennonite community and beyond," he stated.
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